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Thoth Zocial's KPIOLOGY offers customer insight
derived from billion of messages among Thai people.

Understand Your Customers

Capturing over 10 million talks every day, nothing lost from our sight

Track Social Engagement

Gathers data from top social media including Facebook, Pantip, and Twitter

No Software Installed

Running on high performance cloud and ready to use without installation

Monitor Your Competitors

Compare your social media channels with competitors' channels to get ranking

Optimal Accuracy

Ensure integrity of results by our sentimental analysis algorithm with Thai keywords supported

Measure Your Campaigns

Set your campaign goal and track back your comsumers’ voice back up to 2 years


Analyze social media data derived from billions of messages from Facebook, Twitter, Pantip,
and other top Social media channels that are popular among Thai people.

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Awesome Features

Arrange social media engagement across different social networks into single dashboard.

Big Data Experience

Volume does matter. We gather more than 10M messages per day from various sources, enabling easy access and analysis of all data in one stop.

Multi-Dimensional Visualization

We identify what drives social media successes, by discovering insights from various angles, all the way down to the nittiest, grittiest details.

Advance Analytics

Advance data mining and intelligent models to cope with fast-paced social data such as Sentiment Analysis, Social Impact Score, Viral Behavior, Brand Position, and much more.

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To monitor over a billion mentions on social media.
Try KPIOLOGY and get better customer insights to improve your social marketing.

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